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First class physiotherapy professional, evidenced based treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment.

Sports therapy

A sports therapist utilises the principles of sport and exercise science incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work.

Spine rehabilitation

At physiocure we adress spine problems by examining the movement control of the spine. Spine rehab encomprises movements for stability and mobile to address the global and local spine muscles.

Headache and neck rehabilitation

We have experience of treating 5000+ people with headache and neck problems. A perfect mix of manual therapy , motor control exercises and associated therapy to cure neck problems.

Pre and Post natal Rehabilitation

Prenatal exercises help strengthen muscles needed for labor and delivery. Post natal rehab programs are implemented as early as 2 weeks post natally. Our rehab programs are based on latest research and approved by Gynaecologists.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a specialized form of physiotherapy which delivered with hands as opposed to machines or a device. It includes techniques to relieve pain and improve joint mobility.

Sports specific rehabilitation

Its not only treatment of the injured athlete but also identification of sport related deficits .the rehab program transitions from general to sports specific movement for complete recovery of the athletes injury.

Physio guided fitness program

Would incorporate a fitness program suitable to your chronic injuries using pilates based exercises and strength and conditioning principles. Its a great way of advancing the rehab and developing overall strength.

Geriatric Rehabilitation.

A tailored rehab program based to improve overall functions of the elderly client and address the accompanying injury as well.

“After my ACL reconstruction, arthroscopy surgery from Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi, I was looking for a Good Sports physio therapist at Santa Cruz (west) Mumbai.I came to know about Dr. Kunjal Shah Gada Sports Physiotherapist through online search.I had around 4 month left to get fit for my next season matches.”


“I was treated for my post operation rehabilitation for ligament (ACL) by Doctor Kunjal Shah. Every session made me feel better than before. She is quite experienced with her work. She gave me exersice routine to be followed at home which helped.”


“She has been a pillar of support for me since then. What is unique about her is that she treats you as per your requirements. She went through my dance videos to check what kind of movements I do and where exactly she needs to work.”


“In 2016, I suffered a case of frozen shoulder causing a lot of pain and restriction in the movement of my arm. My daily activities were highly restricted . I must say Dr Kunjal’s personalised treatment was extremely effective and within 5 months I had recovered 90 percent functionality in my shoulder.”


Turned out to be very helpful.


Dr.Kunjal is extremely professional and patient. She nails the root cause almost immediately and ensures timely treatment of the same! Very punctual and reliable. Highly recommended !


Excellent no second thoughts had been to many physio for my spondolysis and spasms but was just normal procedures there dr kunjal has guided me and many more in a proper way for the better and she is definitel...


She is very patient. I was in a very bad shape when I went to her . She was right to the point . Be it telling me what should I do or which exercises will benefit me . Thank you Kunjal.


Good evening everyone....My name is Dilip Sahu, Managing Director of EPS worldwide integrated Logistics Pvt LTD. a domestic courier,cargo and International freight forwarding company.HO at Powai, Mumbai. I had met an accident in 24 December 2019 and my left hand injured and got operated. After taking treatment from Dr. Kunjal my hand is completely cured and back to normal in just 3 sittings. Not only that but she recommended me to very good Orthopedic doctor as well.She is very polite, humble, Great knowledge, experience and expertise in her field. I can confidently recommend her to you , your family, friends and relatives. Thanks again Dr.Kunjal wish Best wishes from me and Arise India Groups


An experienced physiotherapist with all the technical know how to make you heal from injuries, or just make you fit! Go to person for all physio needs!


It was a great experience and I had good results from the recovery process. Maam is very good at her profession and understanding too. Thank you Physiocure.


I had gone to Dr. Kunjal with a lower back injury and a pain down the right leg below the waist. I play badminton regularly and with that pain I was having restricted mobility and difficulty in playing. Dr. Kunjal started with the basics and built up the lower back muscles. Within 2 weeks the pain started subsiding. Thereafter she started helping me built strength in lower back to ensure a sustained recovery. Today the pain is no longer there and I am back to normalcy. My previous visits to other physios only helped me in a limited way to manage the immediate problem. I am thankful to her to get me a permanent solution.


Amazing experience. I had an acute shoulder pain for months and couldn't completely move my arm. Dr. Kunjal suggested few excercises and it was gone for good. Highly recommend to visit here.


I had a pain on my left leg during my long walk and running. Wasting no time in diagnosis she came out with a proper plan of exercises and conveyed the total sessions it would take. The exercises were very effective. And I got great relief in less number of sessions as expected. Thank you Dr.Kunjal


Playing throwball and cricket gave me pain in my right arm and shoulder. Visiting Dr.Kunjal and get physiotherapy from her has made my pain go away finally. She has taken out my pain from roots. Infact the excercises she gives as workout at home are also very basic and easy but immensely affective. Thank you Dr.Kunjal for all the help and making me strong again


I am a sports person and went thru hamstring n shin muscle problems and which was very uncomfortable and unbearable while playing badminton but I got a referral for Dr Kunjal and immediately showed her the problem. Mam the first 3 sessions were so perfect and hamstrings were all open with the stretches and later on i continued with the excercise u have given and the Roller exercises too which are beneficial too the maxxx till date. I met you at the right time and my body is just flying while playing.Mam your understanding on the injury and keeping the patient in confidence is the important thing so 100 marks to you....Keep going the same way and all the best for the future. Your fb n insta videos are also very helpful keep posting...Cheers and Regards Vishal Thaker


I went to her for my lower back pain and she helped me with proper exercise and also motivated me to do exercises regularly. Her diagnosis is excellent and has a lot of patience to get things done from her patients. Wishing her good luck


Phyaiocure is one stop solution for the every physio need. It was good experience.


Dr Kunjal is a very accomplished physio. Her unique way of practical demos strike an easy rapport between doctor and 2 patient. Her strong finger tips easily release the strongest and stiffest joints into mobility. Have personally benefitted a lot for my frozen n shoulder in these three months. Will heartily rrcommend her to any needy patient..


I was on the verge of giving up Badminton as a sport such was the pain in my forearm but Dr Kunjal not only helped cure the pain but also through her therapy sessions helped me strengthen the arm and prescribed exercises to work on all the muscles that were needed for the sport.


I would like to Thank you for all the support and excellent Physio care provided to me during my ACL high grade tear and post my Surgery. You expert advice and constant support with all the state of the art equipment and exercises have helped me to get back to playing sport. All the advice given post the sessions with you help me keep in shape and take care of my knee more than 2 years after the Injury. All the best in recovering more and more patients!


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